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I've created various types of illustrations for board and card games, books, children's room and nursery art, coloring books, family and pet portraits, music album art, save the date cards, and wedding invitations.

Please note:
Pricing does not include printing. Only digital illustrations are included. View product pricing (PDF) for photo prints, canvas wraps, etc.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Invites, starting at $300 (front), starting at $400 (front and back)

Coloring Pages, starting at $200
party themed
$200 for 6, $300 for 10, $500 for 15

$20 for 1 design, $50 for 4 designs, $80 for 10 designs


Prices mary vary depending on scope and details of project.

Chapter Book (B&W or Color), starting at $200/page

Children's Picture Book
, starting at $200/page

Comic Books and Graphic Novels
art and lettering starting at $300/page
cover, $500

Cover for Chapter Book or Novel
, starting at $500

Individual (Spot) Illustrations for Chapter Books or Novels, starting at $50


Children's Coloring Book, starting at $500
10 pages
$40 each additional page

, starting at $400


Murals, $5/sq ft
includes illustration of mural only
printing and installation not included


Family Portrait, starting at $500
2 parents, one child, background design
$50 for each additional child
$30 for each pet

Pet Portraits, $50
$30 for each additional pet
$25 detailed background instead of solid color

Super Pet Portraits, $50
your pet as a super hero, pop culture character, or in a custom outfit
$30 for each additional pet
$25 detailed background instead of solid color


Envelope Crest or Design, $50

Coloring Pages for Children, starting at $200
wedding themed
$200 for 6, $300 for 10, $500 for 15

Napkins, $25
2 graphic designs
$20/each additional

Rehearsal Dinner Invite, $50
graphics, text

RSVP Card, $50
graphics, text

Save the Date, $500
couple, background design, text
$30 for each pet

Venue Location Map or Venue Map, $400
city, state, venue, or closeup of venue in minimalistic design

Wedding Invite, $500
couple, background design, text
$30 for each pet

Wedding Invite (text and graphics only), $100
text and graphics (floral design, line art)

Other Projects

Please contact me (864-735-8312, info@daveymorganillustration.com) with details of your needs or project to receive custom pricing information.


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